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Work Lights

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Milwaukee 2131-20 M18 ROCKET Dual Power Tower Light (Tool Only)
PowerZone ORTLLED48606 LED Drop Light, 120V, 6 ft
PowerZone O-D4000TH-QR-U Work Light, LED Lamp, 42 W, 100 to 240 VAC, 4000
Woods 691 Trouble Work Light With Metal Guard & Outlet, Orange, 16/3 SJTW, 75-Watts, 120 V, 25 ft
Prime-Lite SMD Floodlight With Base Stand, 1000 Lumens
Prime-Lite Triple Panel SMD Floodlight With Tripod Stand, 3000 Lumens
Milwaukee 2361-20 M18 ROVER Flood Light (Tool-Only)
Bell+Howell TriBurst Adjustable LED Shop Light, Gray, 7.9-Watts, 4000 Lumens
PowerZone Workbench Light, 40 W Lamp, 3200 Lumens, 4000 K, 80 Cri
PowerZone ORHL500W03 Work Light, Halogen Lamp, 500 W, 120 V
PowerZone ORCRTLLED526 Work Light, 120 Lumens, LED Lamp
PowerZone ORTL098506 Work Light with Non-Metallic Guard, 75 W, Incandescent Lamp, 18/2 SJTW Cord
PowerZone ORTL010606 Work Light with Metal Guard and Single Outlet, 75 W, Incandescent Lamp, 16/3 SJ
PowerZone ORTL010625 Work Light, 75 W, Incandescent Lamp
Woods 0201 Trouble Work Light With Plastic Guard Cage, Orange, 18/2 SJTW, 75-Watts, 125 V, 25 ft
PowerZone Worklight, Folding, Rechargeable, LED
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