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Interior Wood Stains & Finishes

Interior wood stains & finishes encompass a range of products designed to enhance and protect the natural beauty of wood. Interior wood stain imparts color to the wood, accentuating its grain. Lacquers form a hard, durable finish, providing sheen and protection. Polyurethane wood finish is popular for its resistance to water, chemicals, and wear, making it suitable for floors and furniture. Shellac finishes, derived from natural resins, offer a classic finish with a warm glow but are less durable than polyurethanes. Wood conditioners are used before staining to ensure even color absorption, especially in softwoods. Wood oils penetrate the wood and provide a natural finish while enhancing the grain. Wood stain markers are handy tools for touch-ups and repairs, making it easy to conceal scratches or blemishes on stained wood surfaces.

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