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Dimmers, Switches, & Outlets

Enhance your lighting control and electrical functionality with our collection of dimmers, switches, and outlets at CBS Bahamas. Create the perfect lighting ambiance with our dimmers, allowing you to adjust the brightness and mood of your space. Fan controls offer convenient operation for your ceiling fans, providing comfort and energy efficiency. Control your lighting fixtures with our reliable light switches, ensuring effortless operation and convenience. Lighting sensors provide automatic control based on motion or ambient light. Explore our selection of miscellaneous switches for specialized applications, including toggle, rocker, and push-button switches. Motion sensors offer hands-free operation and enhance security by detecting movement in your space. Simplify your electrical installations with our outlet and switch combos, providing both power outlets and switches in a single unit. Outlets and receptacles offer reliable power connectivity for your devices and appliances. Ensure secure and efficient electrical connections with our plugs and connectors, designed for various applications. Timers allow you to automate the operation of your electrical devices, enhancing convenience and energy savings.

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