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Valves are critical components in plumbing and fluid control systems, ensuring the safe and efficient flow. Among various types, backflow & vacuum breakers prevent reverse flow, safeguarding water supplies from contamination. Ball valves, with their simple lever control, offer a reliable option for flow shut-off. Boiler drain valves serve in draining sediment from boilers, while check valves allow flow in one direction. Float valves maintain liquid levels in tanks. Gate valves, known for their “gate” mechanism, regulate fluid flow through pipes. Hose bibbs are outdoor faucets for hose attachments, while ice maker valves control water flow to ice makers. Pressure regulators manage pressure levels within systems. Pressure relief valves, on the other hand, release excess pressure for safety. Saddle valves facilitate easy tapping into water lines, and sillcocks allow outdoor water access. Supply stop valves control the water flow to individual fixtures. Washing machine valves regulate water supply to washing machines. Lastly, water leak detectors are instrumental in detecting and preventing water leakage, adding an extra layer of security to any fluid control system.

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