Pick-Up Branch: CBS SouthWest Plaza, Nassau
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In-Store Pickup

Smart Lockers? Yea, We Were The First.

Our FREE Pick-Up Locations

SouthWest Plaza, Carmichael Rd, Nassau, The Bahamas
Monday - Saturday: 8am to 8pm
Sunday: 9am to 5pm

In-store pickup at CBS Bahamas (SouthWest Plaza) is available daily during normal retail operating hours. Orders placed for in-store pickup will be available in just 2hrs (or less).
*Orders must be placed more than two hours prior to closing time for same-day pickup, otherwise, your order will be ready for collection when our retail store opens the following morning.

103 Robinson Road, Nassau, The Bahamas
Monday - Saturday: 7am to 4pm

Orders placed for in-store pickup at the CBS PROstore will be available for pickup on the next business day (after 12pm).

In-Store Pickup FAQ

For pickup at CBS Bahamas (SouthWest Plaza):
Great news! Most orders will be ready for in-store pickup within two hours of the time you placed your order on cbsbahamas.com. If you place your order within two hours of our retail store closing, your order will be ready for collection first thing the following morning.

For pickup at the CBS PROstore:
Orders placed for pickup at the CBS PROstore will be available for collection anytime after 12pm on the following business day.

Once you place your order on cbsbahamas.com, you will receive a confirmation email that confirms your order was received and is being processed.

You will then receive a second email to let you know that your order is now ready for pickup. This second email will include detailed instructions on how to collect your order, and how to use our automated Smart Locker pickup system. Don't worry; it's quick and easy!

You will receive an email with detailed and easy to follow instructions on how/where to collect your order... But don't worry if you get lost, our friendly sales staff are there to help!

Just yourself! And your smart phone (or a printout of your order pickup confirmation email).

We recommend bringing a Government issued ID as well... Just incase you happen to misplace your pickup code or confirmation!

1. Scan the QR code from your confirmation email at the locker kiosk.
Tip: If you can't scan the QR code, type the pickup code onto the keypad and press '#'.
2. The compartment door will open.
3. Collect your package, close the locker door, and be on your way!
Tip: If you have multiple packages, a second locker compartment will open after you close the first door.

Our Smart Lockers are smart... Like, really smart. We need your phone number so the lockers can text you a pickup code!

Also, if for some reason there is an issue with our inventory, a store associate may need to reach you directly to provide additional information in regards to your order.

That's okay! During online checkout, simply provide the name and email address of the person who will pickup your order. Providing this information allows us to send the 'Pickup In-Store' order notification email directly to you, as well as your pre-authorized pickup person.

Your designated pickup person will need to bring the following to the store:
- A government-issued photo ID.
- Your order number.
- Pickup In-Store order confirmation email

No problem at all... If you order items that are too large, too bulky, or too heavy to fit in our Smart Lockers we will make other arrangements.

Your order will still be ready within the timeframe specified for your pickup location, and these details will be outlined in your pickup confirmation email.


If you don't plan to do any additional shopping and are simply picking up an online order, then our security staff will know that your items have already been paid for. You can collect your package and walk straight out; it's that easy!

No problem! Please see our 'Policies and T&C' page for more information.

No worries- we can help with that! Please see our 'Policies and T&C' page for more information.

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