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Extension Cords & Surge Protectors

Discover a wide range of extension cords and surge protectors at CBS Bahamas to meet your power needs. Choose from our selection of 50 ft & over extension cords, ideal for reaching distant power sources. Safely power your appliances with our appliance extension cords designed for heavy-duty use. Keep your cables organized with our cable management solutions for a clutter-free space. Enhance the functionality of your extension cords with our extension cord accessories.

For shorter distances, explore our selection of less than 50 ft extension cords. Power multiple devices simultaneously with our multi-outlet extension cords. Expand your power options with our power strips featuring multiple outlets. Protect your valuable electronics from power surges with our surge protectors.

Get convenient access to power with our tap outlets and tap receptacles. Enjoy the benefits of smart technology with our WiFi and smart outlets, allowing you to control your devices remotely. 


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