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Toilets, Toilet Seats, & Bidets - Category Header

Upgrade your bathroom's functionality and comfort with our selection of toilets, toilet seats, and bidets at CBS Bahamas. Explore our collection, including one-piece toilets, toilet bowls, toilet seats, toilet tanks, and two-piece toilets. Experience sleek design and effortless maintenance with our one-piece toilets. These toilets feature a seamless construction that combines the bowl and tank into a single unit, providing a modern and streamlined appearance. Select the perfect toilet bowl to suit your bathroom design and preferences. Our range includes various shapes and sizes, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality. Enhance your toilet's comfort and style with our toilet seats. Replace or upgrade your toilet tank with our selection of tanks, offering durability and efficient flushing mechanisms. Opt for the classic style and easy installation of our two-piece toilets. These toilets consist of a separate bowl and tank, providing flexibility and ease of maintenance.

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