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Hose Connectors & Shut-Off Valves

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Gilmour 800154-1001 Y-Connector, Zinc, Chrome
Gilmour 5FPS7FH Heavy-Duty Brass Hose Connector, 1/2 in FPT x 3/4 in FHT
Gilmour 800024-1001 Light Duty Full-Flow Shut-Off Valve
Landscapers Select GC5113L Hose Y-Connector, Plastic
Gilmour 877014-1001 Hose Adapter, 3/4in MNH x 3/4in MNH, Brass
Anderson Metals 129F Series 757002-0606 Hose Adapter, 3/8 in Barb x 3/8 in FPT, Brass
Gilmour 829404-1002 Quick Connector Set, Polymer
Gilmour 7MH7FP Heavy Duty Hose Connector, 3/4 x 3/4 in, Male NH x FNPT, Brass
Gilmour 800774-1001 Hose Adapter, 3/4in MNPT x 3/4in FNH, Brass
Landscapers Select GB9615 Hose Connector, 3/4 in Male and Female, Brass
Landscapers Select GC531-23L Hose Coupling, 1/2in Male, Plastic
Landscapers Select GC5303L Hose Coupling, 3/4in Female, Plastic
Landscapers Select GC520+GC540+GC522 Hose Connector Set, Plastic
Landscapers Select GC5043L Hose Shut-Off Valve, 3/4 in Female, Zinc
Landscapers Select GC545-2 Tap Adapter, 3/4 in Male, Plastic (2- Pack)
Landscapers Select GC507 Hose Connector, Female and Male, Zinc
Landscapers Select GC520 Hose Connector, 3/4 in Female, Plastic
Gilmour 807004-1002 Shut-Off Valve, Nylon
Gilmour AY4FFM Shut-Off Valve, Aluminum
Landscapers Select GT62003 Hose Connector, Brass
Gilmour 839074-1001 Garden Hose Connector Male, Polymer
Landscapers Select GB9610 Hose Connector, 3/4 in Male, Brass
Gilmour Garden Hose Quick Connect Set
Gilmour 29Q Quick Connector Set, Polymer
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