Paint Center

Paint Center


At CBS Bahamas we're well known for two things when it comes to our all-new Paint Center; providing top-quality products at exceptional prices and having expert sales associates on-hand to answer any questions you may have.

Our inventory is expansive, and we carry well respected & top-quality brands such as ValsparCabot, MinwaxThompson's WaterSeal, Krylon, Purdy, and so much more.

Whether you're painting a newly built home or just in need of a few basic supplies for a weekend project, the CBS Bahamas Paint Center is here to help you get it done right.

Colorant & Tinting Are Always Free

We hate hidden fees. With us, the price you see is the price you pay- always. We never have and never will charge for colorant or tint when it comes to mixing your paint. Your creativity in choosing that perfect color should not be hindered by add-on costs.

Can't decide on a color? With thousands of options available, we know it can be hard a difficult decision to make.

We're able to provide a host of resources for you to ensure you're making the right choice when it comes to your next coat; whether it's a paint swatch, sample mix, or digital rendering of your space- our friendly staff can help to ensure your color choice is one you are confident in.

We're Here For You

We stand by what we sell- and we will be there to offer our support, expertise, help, & assistance long after we've mixed your paint. 

All of our paint center associates are well-trained; they are experts when it comes to our various paint systems. Our team of on-hand paint experts undergo extensive training with all of our brands to ensure they understand each individual product to the fullest extent. 

Not only do they know the product inside & out, but they understand the application; and just what techniques and tools are required to ensure a long lasting finish.

Here at CBS Bahamas we don't want to just sell you paint; we want to provide you with a valuable resource.

Whether you are a seasoned-pro or a weekend DIY'er, you can count on our friendly Paint Center Experts to offer advice & solutions no matter when or where it may be needed.


We may be experts in paint & sundries, but we can also supply just about any other product you may need to complete your new-build or renovation. 

With our 'One-Stop-Shop' program, you can receive a sizable discount on your entire project by cross-shopping from our other departments. Furthermore, we will assign you a detail-oriented project manager to assist you every step of the way with all aspects of your project.

Learn more about our One-Stop-Shop program.

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