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Welcome to CBS Bahamas' Hurricane Central, your go-to resource for everything you need to stay safe and prepared during hurricane season.

Hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30, and brings powerful storms that can impact our islands significantly. This page provides essential information and tools, including guides on hurricane windows and shutters, shopping tips for emergency supplies, and expert advice on storm preparedness.

Stay informed and ready with our comprehensive resources to protect your home and loved ones.

Shopping for Hurricane-Proof Windows?

Watch this first!

Here in The Bahamas, lots of suppliers throw around the labels 'impact-resistant' 'hurricane-rated,' and 'hurricane proof...' But what do these terms actually mean? Doing your research can mean the difference between safety and peril for your family & property if an actual hurricane were to occur.


Hurricane Panel Kits

CBS Is Here To Help, Every Step Of The Way!

Our panel kits offer affordable protection, are built to last through many hurricane seasons, include all the necessary hardware & components, and are extremely easy to install. We work closely with Eastern Metal Supply, allowing us to offer our customers a wide variety of custom-built options when it comes to type, size, color, and performance. Not only do we supply beautiful shutter systems, but we install them as well.

We provide free consultations & site visits, giving you expert advice & information even before you make a commitment. We understand the requirements of building in The Bahamas; which is why all of our aluminum shutter products are built to withstand the toughest conditions. Because we manufacturer our own line of certified aluminum storm panel shutters, this means we are able to keep standard sizes available & in-stock while still being able to quickly & efficiently produce custom sized kits for any opening sizes.


Protect Your Home From Floods

Flex Seal Flood Protection products consist of Flood Paste, Flood Liquid, Flood Spray, and Flood Tape. These products are specifically designed to work in combination to create a super-strong, waterproof barrier that can help slow down or even stop water from entering structures. Once floodwaters recede, they can easily be removed. Using Flex Seal Flood Protection products in combination with one another will create multiple, overlapping layers of protection. This will increase your chance of holding back floodwaters, giving you peace of mind during the heavy rainfall & flash flood events that comes with Hurricane Season. 

Hurricane Essentials

Are You Prepared? Don't Wait Until The Last Minute.

While we hope for the best, we prepare for the worst. Shop our featured hurricane supplies now, and ensure you and your family are kept safe and ready this storm season.


Portable Generators

Coolers & Jugs

Flashlights & Lanterns


Chainsaws & Accessories


Extension Cords & Surge Protectors

Tool Sets

Rain Gear

Roof Repair & Sealants

Storage Bins

Gas Cans & Funnels

Hurricane FAQ

The official hurricane season for the Atlantic Basin begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th every year. This is the period in which tropical cyclones are most likely to form in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Typically, the 'peak' of hurricane season occurs late-August through early-October.

While hurricane season is defined by a set beginning and ending date every year, it is important to note that is possible for tropical cyclones to form outside of the season dates. For this reason, Bahamians should always be in a state of readiness as it relates to storm preparation.

Every hurricane is different. With that being said, whenever a storm is approaching you should prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

As defined by the NOAA, a hurricane is a tropical cyclone that forms over tropical or sub-tropical waters. It is a rotating low-pressure system that has organized thunderstorms.

Hurricanes can be very dangerous in nature, and bring with them the opportunity of extensive damage due to a variety of factors.

Storm Surge
Storm surge is extremely likely to occur during a hurricane or tropical storm. Storm surge causes the water level to be elevated much higher than the normal high-tide. The effects of storm surge are severe flooding- likely making roads impassable and forcing evacuations of low-lying areas.

Hurricanes are capable of producing incredible wind speeds, leading to severe damage. In fact, Hurricane Dorian struck the Abaco Islands in 2019 with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph. The effects of these extreme wind conditions can be detrimental- broken windows, downed power lines, lost roofs, downed trees, flying debris, and widespread damage.

During a hurricane, waves will build to surprising heights. Seawalls, docks, boat lifts, and other waterfront structures will likely experience damage through a constant battering of abnormally high breaking waves. Due to the effects of storm surge, the wind will have a much larger distance in which to generate these waves.

Significant rainfall is not only possible, but very likely during any sort of tropical cyclone event. During Hurricane Harvey, 60 inches of rainfall was recorded in just 24hrs- leading to widespread flooding.

While less common, tornadoes can be spawned via hurricanes. These tornadoes will bring even more extreme and unpredictable wind speeds, leading to severe damage.

It is important to know the difference between hurricane or tropical storm watches and warnings. The following is an excerpt from the Bahamas National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA):

A hurricane or tropical storm watch means that, within 48 hours, the threat of a hurricane or tropical storm exists for various sections of The Bahamas.
When a hurricane or tropical storm watch is issued:

  • Fuel family vehicles.
  • Store and secure outdoor objects such as lawn furniture and other loose lightweight objects such as toys, garden tools, and garbage cans. Prepare to cover all window and door openings with boards, shutters, or other shielding materials.
  • Check food and water supplies.
  • Have clean air-tight containers on hand to store at least two (2) weeks of drinking water (4 gallons per person) and stock up on can goods.
  • Keep a small cooler with frozen gel packs handy for packing refrigerated items.
  • Check prescription medicines – obtain at least ten (10) days to two (2) weeks supply.
  • Stock up on extra batteries for radios, flashlights, and lanterns.
  • Check and replenish first aid supplies.
  • Have on hand an extra supply of cash.
A hurricane or tropical storm warning means that, within 36 hours, hurricane or tropical storm conditions could impact your area.
When a hurricane or tropical storm warning is issued:
  • Follow instructions issued by the Department of Meteorology, and the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).
  • Leave immediately if ordered to do so.
  • Know where the nearest shelter is to your location.
  • Complete preparation activities, such as boarding up windows and storing loose objects.
  • Wedge sliding glass doors to prevent them lifting off of the tracks.
  • Turn your refrigerator to maximum cold and don’t open unless necessary.
  • Evacuate areas that might be affected by storm surge flooding.
  • If evacuating, leave early and leave food and water for pets (shelter will not take them).
  • Notify neighbors and a family member outside of the warning area of your evacuation plan.
  • Use phones only for emergencies.

The following list of 'recommended items' is not complete, and is only meant to be used as a guide as you prepare for the possibility of an upcoming storm.

Preparing Before The Storm

  • Cash and credit cards (sealed & waterproof)
  • Insurance information, prescriptions, and other important documents / IDs (these should be placed in a waterproof container or packaging, additionally, make copies or take photos of any important documents before the storm arrives)
  • First aid kit (with instruction guide)
  • Medications and prescriptions
  • Change of clothes and adequate footwear (sealed & waterproof)
  • Emergency cooking method (grill or camping stove)
  • Fill gas in propane tanks, cars, jerry cans
  • Eating and cooking utensils
  • Canned & dry food
  • Can opener
  • Pet food
  • Baby food, diapers, wipes, formula, etc
  • Potable water (1 gal per person per day, minimum 5 days)
  • Tools
  • Ladder
  • Portable generator (fueled & prepped)
  • Extension cords
  • Storm panels or suitable coverings for windows and doors
  • Heavy-duty tarpaulin with tie-downs (rope, bungee, cable, etc)
  • Flashlights
  • Battery operated radio
  • Fresh batteries
  • USB power-bank for phones
  • Lighter and matches
  • Water jugs
  • Coolers (filled with ice)
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Toilet paper and paper towel
  • Hammer and hatchet
  • Mobile weather app
Post Storm Clean-Up
  • Shovels, rakes, and other garden tools
  • Trash cans and contractor trash bags
  • Work gloves
  • Rubber work boots
  • Rain gear
  • Chainsaw (fueled & prepped)
  • Bleach
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum
  • Roof tarps
  • Roof cements or sealers
  • Drills, nails, screws, & bolts

Of course we can! CBS Bahamas has been the leader in supplying Hurricane / Impact Resistant products since 1973. We provide beautiful windows and doors that can protect against hurricane force winds; keeping you and your loved ones safe.

While many of our competitors claim to offer 'hurricane resistant' solutions, CBS Bahamas offers true protection by only supplying products from best in-class & certified vendors. The products we supply have been tested in state-of-the-art labs for air infiltration, deglazing, structural integrity, water resistance, forced entry resistance, and small / large missile impact protection.

Additionally, all of the impact resistant products that we supply & install have undergone extreme testing and have been certified to meet or exceed the highest industry standards, such as:

  • Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance.
  • AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturer's Association) Certification for air leakage, water leakage, & structural strength.
  • Florida Product Approval for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones.
  • Large & Small Missile Impact Resistance.
  • Rated for ASCE Wind Zones 3 & 4; tested to withstand winds up to 159mph.
These heavy-duty windows & doors will protect your family from major storms and break-ins, while even providing UV protection for your valuables on the inside and incredible noise reduction for maximum comfort.

Visit us today to view our expansive showroom and meet with a sales expert. We offer free consultations and site visits so that you can learn more about the custom impact-resistant solutions that we can provide your home or office building.

Email our Sales Team at sales@cbsbahamas.com to learn more.


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