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Gardner Bender PDS-1525BT Coaxial Double-Clip Masonry Staples, Polyethylene, Black, 25 Pack

Model No: PDS-1525BT. These 1/4 in black polyethylene double clip-on coaxial masonry staples 25-pack boast a double-clip design which allows the user to secure multiple cables with a single staple. Designed to secure RG-59, RG-59 quad shield, RG-6 and RG-6 quad shield coaxial cables the polyethylene saddle features UV-resistant properties and will not rust, rot or deteriorate over time. Staples include sharp-tipped zinc-plated nails that resist rust and corrosion, hammer flush with the saddle to eliminate snags and drive easily into wood without splitting or cracking. Driving staples too firmly may damage insulation when used with non-metallic sheathed cable. Not for use with portable cords. $5.65/Package
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