Matching Seam Kits to Solid Surface Countertops:

Wilsonart Hard Surface Adhesive is used to bond the seams of Wilsonart Solid Surface products. Using the proper seam kit for your countertop is essential in ensuring you will have invisible seams when bonding two separate sheets or pieces of solid surface. Wilsonart Seam Kits are designed to chemically bond solid surface seams to form an incredibly tight and invisible finish. The seam kits are colored, and particular kits are specifically designed to be paired with particular solid surface designs. Please view the below cross-reference table prior to purchasing a seam kit. You can match your countertop 'Design Number' or 'Design Name' with the appropriate 'New Seam Kit #' to ensure the correct match. Additionally, if you view our solid surface product category, each individual product will show the related seam kit under the item description.

Wilsonart Seam Kit Cross-Reference Table